Once upon a Time in China... series

~ 5 to 12 years ~

China has a very long history that includes many fascinating stories, but often they are too complex for young children to read. For this series, Jillian Lin has rewritten the most well-known tales in a simple, engaging manner, for children from age five to enjoy. While some stories sound almost like fairytales, they are all based on true historical facts, brought to life with beautiful illustrations. Each book contains the life story of a famous figure in Chinese history, a list of interesting facts, a quiz and a map.

– Softcover, 32 pages

– Available in e-book and print via Amazon

– The bundle of 8 books is also available via my Print Bookstore (for readers from Australia, NZ and Asia)

– Or by contacting me directly: info (at) jillianlin (dot) com

Did you know that China was named after its first emperor, who also built The Great Wall? Read about his interesting life and how he became one of the most important men in Chinese history.

Did you know that Confucius was a teacher who opened the first public school in the world? Read all about his life and his brilliant ideas, which people still study today, two-and-a-half thousand years later.

Did you know that music as we know it today, originates from a prince in ancient China? Read about Prince Zaiyu who discovered that you only need twelve musical tones to make beautiful music. 

Did you know that a doctor who lived in China almost two thousand years ago is still helping people get better today? Discover how Hua Tuo earned the nickname ‘The Miracle Doctor’. 

Did you know that in the long history of China, there has only been one emperor who was female? Find out how Wu Zetian take the emperor’s place and rule China for more than 50 years.

Did you know that a scientist from ancient China was the first person to discover the world was round? Find out why people believe Zhang Heng was the cleverest man in China’s history. 

Did you know that China used to have the biggest fleet of ships in the world? Read about the leader of the fleet, Admiral Zheng He, who undertook seven voyages from China to more than 30 countries.

Did you know that some people pray to a pirate who lived in China hundreds of years ago? Find out why many Chinese and Japanese people see Koxinga as a hero—even a god.

The bundle of all 8 printed books in the Once upon a Time in China… series includes:

The Emperor Who Built the Great Wall

The King without a Throne

The Mountain Man of Music

– The Miracle Doctor

– The Girl Who Became Emperor

– The Dreamer of Stars

– The Greatest Explorer in the World

– The Pirate King

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