Fun Festivals series

~ 2 to 6 years~

In these beautifully illustrated books, children aged 2 to 6 will follow two children as they prepare for and celebrate the three most important festivals in Chinese culture: Chinese New Year, the Mid-autumn or Moon Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival. They will also enjoy reading the stories behind these Chinese celebrations.

Written in English and Chinese (simplified), Moon Festival WishesChinese New Year Wishes and Dragon Boat Wishes are perfect as early readers or to read aloud.

Softcover, 32 pages

It is Hong’s favorite time of the year.

His whole family celebrates.

It is Chinese New Year.

Follow Hong as he and his family prepare for and celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival. 

The moon is big and round tonight.

Today is a special day for Mei and her family. 

It is the Chinese Moon Festival. 

Follow Mei as she and her family prepare for the Mid-autumn, Mooncake, or Moon Festival. 

Our family is excited, especially Baba.

He has been training for today all year. 

It is the Dragon Boat Festival.

Follow Ying and Han as their family prepares for and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

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