Heroes of China series

~ 2 to 6 years ~



– 平装本,24页

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Chin was the first emperor of China. He only had one wish: how could he live forever? Read the story of Emperor Qin Shihuang (秦始皇), who built the Great Wall and the terracotta army.

Kong was a good teacher, and many people learned from him. But why was he still unhappy? This is the story of the philosopher Confucius (孔子),  who opened the first public school in the world.

Zhu loved music and numbers, but how could he put the two together? Get to know Zhu Zaiyu (朱載堉), the first person to discover the twelve tones of music as we know them today.

Hua was very poor, but his dream was to be a doctor. How could he ever become one? Learn about Doctor Hua Tuo (华佗), the first person in the world to invent an anaesthetic drink to aid surgery.

Wu was beautiful and clever, but as a girl, how could she ever become the emperor of China? This is the story of Wu Zetian (武则天), who became the first and only female emperor of China.

Heng loved gazing at the sky and counting the stars. Would he ever count them all? Learn more about Zhang Heng (張衡), the first person in history to discover that the earth was round.

Zheng would love to travel the world like his grandfather. Could he make his dream come true? Read the story of explorer Zheng He (郑和), who is thought to have discovered America before Columbus.

Cheng was clever and brave, fighting to defend China. But could he ever win? Read about Koxinga or Zheng Chenggong (國姓爺), who was a Chinese pirate who defeated the Dutch to rule Taiwan.

The bundle of all 8 printed books in the Heroes of China… series includes:

– The First Emperor of China

– The Wise Teacher of China

– The Music Man of China

– The Clever Doctor of China

– The Girl Emperor of China

– The Star Gazer of China

– The Happy Sailor of China

– The Pirate King of China